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The Las Vegas School of Shotokan Karate’s training program combines the mental and physical disciplines necessary to improve one's strength, flexibility, speed and mental alertness. Our program is designed to advance each student using a “step-by-step” approach toward his or her development in Shotokan Karate.

Each class begins and ends with a brief meditation as a way to prepare the mind and the body for karate training. 

Basic training consists of practicing blocks, punches, kicks and stances. 

Students also learn form or kata which are set combination of karate techniques done in a particular pattern against imaginary opponents and practice different types of kumite or sparring.

One of the most important aspects of our program is the emphasis on our student's SAFETY. 

Highly trained instructors help to closely monitor all activities during training.





A special two-week orientation class is provided to the brand new student to learn the three K's of karate:  Kihon (basic techniques), Kata (Form) and Kumite (Sparring).

Kihon or basic techniques are taught to the new student, which consists of blocks, punches, kicks and stances.

The Orientation Class covers the following basic techniques:

  • Forward punch

  • Downward block

  • Upward block

  • Outside forearm block

  • Inside forearm block

  • Knife hand block

  • Front kick

  • Side thrust kick

  • Side snap kick


The orientations class also covers the following stances: 

  • Front Stance, Back Stance, and Horse Stance or Kiba dachi

Kata or form is also taught to the new student. 

Kata is a set combination of karate techniques done in a particular pattern against multiple imaginary opponents.

  • Kata:  Taikyoku Shodan

Kumite or sparring is taught the brand new student.  It is called gohon kumite or basic five-step sparring.  It involves the application of  the basic techniques (kihon) that he or she has learned so far.  

  • Sparring:  Basic five-step sparring

The new student is also taught the correct manner and etiquette involved with karate training.  

The orientation class is specifically designed to help prepare the new student to go and start training in the regular class.  

Please go to CLASS SCHEDULE page to see days and times of the Mandatory Orientation Class For New Students.


  • Junior students must be at least 6 years old to join the Junior Class.  

  • Kids between 5 and 6 years old are evaluated to  see if they are eligible to enter the class.

  • 15 years old and above students must enter the Adult Class.

  • All students must wear a clean, white karate gi (karate uniform)

  • All students must wear a dojo patch in their karate uniform.

  • All students must purchase a dojo student handbook.

  • Students must understand that they are committed to train at least two to three times a week in order to develop properly.

  • Students are expected to adhere to the guidelines of the school and are expected to act with sincerity in their karate training following the code of ethics (manner, attitude, etiquette) that are set within the dojo (karate school).  

Virtually everyone is welcome to join Las Vegas Shotokan Karate.  To those who are interested, we encourage you to come and visit the dojo.  Please call us @: (702) 873-0891 or email us @: to setup an appointment for a visit.


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Calligraphy by: 

Shihan Osamu Ozawa

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