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What do we offer our students?

We offer our students high-quality children and adult  classes.  Each is separate from the other.  Our classes are structured and highly disciplined and are conducted in a clean and safe environment conducive to learning quickly and efficiently.  All of our classes are taught by well trained karate instructors who have been training in Shotokan Karate for at least 15-32 years.

Our instructors set us apart

Another reason that sets our dojo apart from others is the quality and dedication of our instructors.  Led by Sensei James Tawatao, all five of our Senior Instructors have trained in Shotokan Karate for at least 28 years or more.  Four of them

Sensei James Tawatao

have received  their  black belts and instructor's  certificates from Master Ozawa.  Each of our instructors is highly skilled in the art of Shotokan Karate and is totally devoted to the development and safety of our students. 


Their enthusiasm and  commitment to the dojo is demonstrated by their willingness to teach as unpaid volunteers. While maintaining full time careers, they dedicate themselves to teaching our students and they share their martial art skills and knowledge with others because they love it and recognize the

benefits of Shotokan Karate and its priceless value.  


It is also largely due to the enduring friendship and strong bond that they have formed with Sensei James Tawatao through the many years of being together and also due to their loyalty towards the Las Vegas Shotokan Karate dojo.

Our Senior Instructors

Chuck Russell, Rey Braganza, James Tawatao, & James Whitehead


Photos of All Instructors

James Tawatao:  Chief Instructor

Karate do

Calligraphy by: 

Shihan Osamu Ozawa

Why choose our dojo over others?

 What sets us apart from other dojos?

What do we offer our students?

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