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Senior Instructors: James Tawatao,  Rey Braganza, James Whitehead, and Chuck Russell conduct kyu tests or under black belt tests every three months.

Black belt grading is conducted twice a year

Annual Dojo Thanksgiving Dinner

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Calligraphy by: 

Shihan Osamu Ozawa

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Dojo New Year's Training

An Annual Tradition


Tuesday - January 1, 2013: Juniors

Tuesday - January 1, 2013: Adults

2011 New Year Training Photos

2009 New Year Training Photos

Dojo Beach Training

An Annual Event

2012 -1 beach training photos

2012 -2 beach training photos

2012 -3 beach training photos

See 2011 Beach Training Photos

Each year, instructors and students of the Las Vegas Shotokan Karate dojo travel to the San Diego area to train at the beach.   In addition to karate training they also do other fun activities such as deep sea fishing, hiking, shopping,  dining and enjoying the night life at the gas lamp quarter, etc.   This is a time for the dojo students to bond together and get to know each other better.